Hello! I'm Megean McBride Sanchez, a Portland, OR based artist whose work spans many different mediums including photography, painting, video, music, writing, and dance. 



 I believe in being personal and intentional in my work and with everyone I work with. They are a reflection of me, just as I am of them and the relationships I have developed as an artist and as a person have allowed me to take very personal pieces of myself and have the strength to show them to the world. In everything I do, I work to create celebrations of life in its beautiful, painful, glorious, happy, and lush way. 

Art is the ability to express  that which only the soul can understand. It connects us in ways that are each uniquely personal in emotion and circumstance. 

If I was made to do anything in this world, it was to create and orchestrate a creative life all my own. I hope you enjoy looking through my site and when you are done, send me an email. I'd love to connect & collaborate with you.


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PHONE: 503-422-0791

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